A Tour Of The Polo Bar

January 13, 2015 1 min read


Yesterday I visited the much-hyped and pitch-perfect Polo Bar. Talk about your masculine interior. The artwork at Ralph Lauren’s new restaurant is devoted entirely to the sport, which is to say all the human figures depicted are men. The only females on the walls are the mares.

There’s great variety to the artwork, however. This photo was my favorite, with the horse and mallet just entering the frame, and the shadow as the primary focus:


The bar is upstairs, the restaurant downstairs:


It was around 4 o’clock and diners had yet to arrive:


Horses, horses everywhere….


This was one of my favorite touches. The hall leading to coat check and the restroom is lined with equipment, as if you’re on your way to a polo club’s locker room:


As soon as we sat down snacks were brought.


We’ll be back.

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