Apartment No. One

January 18, 2015 1 min read


Last year I had the pleasure of doing a piece for Ralph Lauren Magazine on Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon’s digs at Kensington Palace, which were known as Apartment No. One. The story was done in support of the RL Home collection of the same name.

It’s coincidentally one of my favorite collections from the brand. It’s not as strictly masculine as Modern Duke or Modern Chairman — there’s a lot of purple and fuschia — but is full of menswear fabrics and whimsical menswear references like this clever top hat ice bucket:


Apartment No. One is more a place for a chic couple. A couple rather like this:

Ralph Lauren Home - Apartment No. One Collection

Who, on quiet evenings, pour a couple of drinks and try and bluff each other:


When you’re a perfect couple, you happily limit your world to just each other. No need to fill these rooms with noisy guests:




Just a couple of pups to liven the place up:


But they stay locked outside the bedroom:


Until the sun shines on a new day, and the perfect life starts all over again:


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