Den Of Iniquity: The Loft Movie

January 23, 2015 1 min read


In addition to “Mortdecai,” there’s another current movie worth mentioning. “The Loft” posits that when a bachelor pad is stripped of its function as a dwelling place and used solely as a venue for philandering, the result is the destruction of people’s lives.

The film is a remake of a 2008 Belgian movie, the nation’s highest-grossing domestic film. The US version revolves around five New York men who share a secret loft where they can carry out affairs without the hassle of hotels or their better halves being tipped off by credit card statements.

The website Brick Underground has a good advance write-up that includes the following observations:

We’ll hand it to the set decorators: this is definitely a spot we could see a Wall Streeter or real estate tycoon with weird bedroom tastes taking his conquests. It’s filled with the kind of impractical but sleek furniture that says, “I don’t live here but I paid an interior designer a helluva lot of money to go wild at West Elm.”

Plus, unlike so many apartments marketed as “lofts,” this place would likely even win over loft snobs. Take a look at the wall-free layout, where even the bed is in the open; the high ceilings, big windows and industrial touches like concrete floors and metal partitions; and the fact that the building itself looks to be a former office high-rise. The surest sign of a true loft? Its past life as commercial space.

“The Loft” opens January 30.

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