Paper Lions: The Works Of Art Dealer Georgina Kelman

by Christian


When I moved to New York, Georgina Kelman was one of the first to greet me upon arrival. She and I had corresponded in regards to, as she has a certain fondness for dandies, beaux, lions and wits of the Belle Epoque and Art Deco periods. In fact, it’s her professional specialty. Kelman deals in works on paper, many of which include top-hatted gentleman going about their unhurried lives. Here’s a sampling. Inquiries may be made through her website.

Above, and the two below, caricatures by Sem, $250 each:


SEM Maxim_lg

Portrait of Robert de Montesquiou by Henri Guerard, 1903 (sold):


Photograph of Oscar Wilde by W&D Downey, $500:

Oscar Wilde

“Le Bibliophile Maigre” by Armand Coussens, 1929 (sold):


Anders Osterlind, “Portrait Of Maxime Maufra” (sold):

Osterlind Meutra

Gustave Pierre, “Dans l’Atelier” (sold):


Carton Moore-Park, “Polo Players,” $300:


Costumes Parisien, “Overcoat by Mr. Marcel Lus,” 1914 (sold):

Marcel Lus

Edouard Halouze, “Gentleman in a Green Suit,” 1920 (sold):


Georges Bottini, “Le Cake Walk au bar,” 1903 (price upon request):




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