Sartorial Display: The Storage Solutions Of Porro

February 09, 2015 1 min read


Most of the male animal kingdom engages in some form of display, often involving colors and plumage. Homo sapiens do it with their clothing.

But there’s no reason sartorial display should be confined only to public spaces.

The website just posted a piece on the clothing storage solutions of Italian firm Porro, where the focus is not on hiding clothing  but rather on freely displaying it, even incorporating it into a room decor. Here’s the firm in its own words:

Lorenzo Porro, part of the third generation in the Porro family and one of the lead architects in the company, explains: “One of the reasons our wardrobes are so popular is because of our architectural approach to design. Wardrobes used to be storage containers for your clothes and you just shut the door and hid them. We have an open concept for wardrobes where people can look through and see the clothes. People are a lot more discerning with their clothes — if we buy nicer clothes, we want to show them off.”

For a low-cost way to get a similar effect, you can get a large rack and display your necktie collection a la Sean Crowley. First you need a couple thousand ties, though.




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