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April 17, 2015 1 min read

From our inbox:

Sir, I am looking for advice on the proper office chair. I want something very traditional. My quandary is tufted or non-tufted. I’ve always leaned non-tufted but I am being told by many that tufted is more elegant, and they are easier to find in the styles I am looking at than is non-tufted. What say you?

Based on your preference for something proper, traditional and elegant, I’d say tufted is the way to go. I’ve had one myself, and the only caveat is that they tend to be large and can look cumbersome in a smaller office or when paired with a small desk. In that case, a banker’s chair might be an option. They’re much less expensive, still traditional, but alas not quite as imposing or grand.

Here are some suggestions. Above, Hooker Furniture, $1,258. And below, also from Hooker Furniture at $1,710:




High Point Furniture, $1,997:





Smart Furniture, $874:



And in contrast, a few non-tufted options. First, Stevenson, $1,199:


Tommy Bahama, $1,146:



And finally, something on the baroque end of things, New World Trading, $1,759:



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