The Ralph Lauren Grey Haberdashery Collection

March 16, 2015 1 min read


The new spring catalog from Bloomingdales features a chic and polished masculine bedroom (save, perhaps, for the lavender sheets and pillows). The items are from Ralph Lauren and are a Bloomie’s exclusive called Grey Haberdashery. The name alone should appeal to menswear aficionados, as should the concept:

Inspired by Ralph Lauren menswear, the Grey Haberdashery collection mixes suiting-inspired fabrics with crisp white accents and silk pillows to evoke the sophisticated look and feel of a classic shirt and tie.

After all, it beats going to bed wearing an actual shirt and tie.

Duvet, $400:


Quilted coverlet, $400:


Cashmere throw blanket in charcoal, $595:


Throw pillow in “lavenderfrost purple,” $215:


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