October 09, 2015 1 min read

I first reported on the Johnny Depp film “Mortdecai” back in the early days of the blog. Well it’s out on DVD now and is mildly amusing, so consider a viewing if you haven’t seen it yet.

There’s plenty of eye candy in “Mortdecai” — including Depp’s handlebar mustache — but the showstopper is a room inside a English stately home. There must be thousands of items packed into the room, a major task for the set decorator, though I suspect the room came at least partially furnished.

If the eccentric English country house look is your thing, then definitely pause the DVD, take out a notepad, and jot down all the things you need. I’ll get you started; in the top image we have:

Brandy decanter
Old telephone (there’s also an old TV wedged among stacks of old newspapers)
Ashtray with cigarette holder
Distressed leather chair

And in the image below, we find:

Gwyneth Paltrow (I’d skip this one, but to each his own)
Union Jack flag draped over velvet chair
Stuffed bear wearing pith helmet
Tightly spaced old paintings hung over wallpaper
Plant in porcelain pot


You’ll need at least one item in leopard print, preferably from an actual leopard:


And old lighting fixtures, including a chandelier:


The final accessory you’ll need is a gentleman with ascot, watch fob, dressing gown, velvet slippers and signet ring. But you probably already have that.

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