May 12, 2015 1 min read

If you weren’t already familiar with the word twee — “affectedly dainty or quaint” is the first definition at — then you probably learned it while reading about filmmaker Wes Anderson.

This past week Anderson debuted Bar Luce, a cafe he designed in Milan. It’s about as masculine an interior you would expect from a man perpetually referred to as twee.

Vogue (which has a slideshow of the place) dubbed it pretty much perfect, but GQ, in a post today written by a woman, was far more scathing:

The café is a hideous Formica disaster. Located in the Fondazione Prada art complex, Bar Luce harkens to the 1950s and 60s and also a regurgitated pastel heap of furnishings. The floor looks as if it has a rash, with a thick helping of calamine lotion on it. The walls featured a particularly ill-suited trio of schemes: Blue Formica! A shock of wood paneling! Kitschy wallpaper! This wallpaper, by the by, is an illusory trompe l’oeil balcony from which your eyes would maybe like to leap, if they could save themselves.

I’m sure at some point we’ll visit the decor of Anderson’s films.

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