You Are Being Served: A Guide To Serving Trays

by Christian


Are you being served, to quote a British TV show? Yes, you are — with what the media calls a “service” piece on serving trays.

With bicycles and golf clubs negating a breakfast nook in my kitchen, and a piano nixing a coffee table in the living room, I’m forced to eat from a portable dining table.

Recently I decided to replace the mock-croc trays that have served me for many years, but had no idea that finding something stylish would prove so difficult. Sure there are great things out there, but you wouldn’t have any money left over to actually dine on them.

I tried every google term I could think of and here’s what I found. At the top is Bliss Home & Design with an equestrial themed one for $1040. Then, in descending order by price, we have Ralph Lauren, $1295:


For a steampunk vibe, Fornasetti, $615:


 Ralph Lauren, $608:


Ralph Lauren with equestrian-themed trim, $395:


Interlude Home, $360:


Allegro Shops, $258:


Go Home Black Rope Handled Tray, $205:


Port 68 Safari Tray, $196:


 Arthur Court, $190:


 Ibride Galerie, $123:


Undercover Recycled Leather Tray, made in the UK, $77:


Just Slate Antler Tray, $54:


 Pottery Barn Speakeasy Tray, $49:


Home Decorators Houndstooth Trays, $36:




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