Birch Serving Tray

Handmade Birch Serving Tray

These wooden engraved serving trays are simple, beautiful and functional. Add some style and branding to your restaurant, event, office or conference room. Made from American Birch Plywood; formaldehyde-free using soy-based technology, LEED compliant, CARB compliant. And covered in one of four beautiful wood veneers. The design is lightweight and durable. Handcrafted in Hidden Springs, Idaho, USA. For a customized box, see listing for customized Serving Tray. 

Handmade & Homegrown:

Every wooden serving tray is handmade right here in the USA from locally sourced wood.

The aged wood components are individually handcrafted to make a beautiful and functional addition to any table, bar or buffet or conference room.

The natural wood grain and finish make each one unique. Each one will add beauty, elegance, style, and character to any home or office.

Made from American Birch Plywood. The plywood is formaldehyde free using soy-based technology, LEED compliant, CARB compliant.

Handcrafted in Hidden Springs, Idaho, the simple and functional design is made from real wood.


As Tough as The Trees, They Come From

Our woods are hand selected by our team of local craftsmen, ensuring that every cut we work with is built to stand the test of time and last for ages to come.

Trees clean our air, give us shade, and provide us with delicious food. That's why for every tree that gives its life for our products we will plant one 1 for 1.

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