18" X 18" X 5" White And Brown Quattro Pillow

Our white and brown cowhide decorative pillow brings an opulent textural element and timeless style to any room, office or shop is a reasonable substitute to real skins, made with 100% animal-free fibers, an acrylic textile lush fiber. Experience the sumptuous feel and decadent softness of cowhide decorative pillow. Our white and brown cowhide pillow added a personalized look into your ornamentation. Forget about your day's exhausting routine and enjoy the pleasure of luxurious feel and decadent softness of our tan cowhide decorative pillow. The luxury cowhide collection, dexterously knitted from exquisitely spun strands, our modern decorative pillow mended with a pleasing texture and natural weight, the true essence of color and a dense pile of original hides and the perfect accent for the bed or sofa. Our modern decorative pillow is a perfect match with the decor of any room, couch, car or couch. Machine washable in cold temperature, line dryable, keep away from heat, non-bleachable, no iron, hypo-allergenic, insert included. Perfect, easy to carry the size of 18"x 18".