Letter Lightbox

Home Letter Lightbox

A.A4 Size Three line Acrylic LED Cinema Lightbox

B.Battery and DC Round Port Energized Mode Letter

C:DIY Art Lighting Home Decor Gift

Creat Reminders, greetings, short sayings, dates, prices and more. Just slide letters on and off the message light box to change your message. For everyone or special occasion use. Fun home deco item, too. Includes a total of 85 letters umbers and symbols, plus a blank piece for spacing. Stand-up or hang on wall.

Light up your life,Create a new, lighted message any time.

To insert batteries:

1. Uncscrew unit.

2. Insert 6 ”AA” batteries.

3. Close battery compartment.

l Burn time can vary depending on the brand of battery.

There are two kinds :

1.Only lettey


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