Texas Pillow Cover

These Texas pillows look simply awesome in a pair!

Each pillowcase is hand sewn with care to ensure the highest quality finish that will last the test of time.

Key features of this pillowcase are:

- Double sided print (same print back & front)!

- 4 sizes to choose: 8—Ö8 inches ‚Äì 20x20 cm (please understand that it's very small ) 12x12 inches ‚Äì 30x30 cm 16—Ö16 inches ‚Äì 40x40 cm 20x20 inches ‚Äì 50x50cm By the way top seller size is 16 inches (40cm)

- 100% made - cut, sewn and printed.

- Material - gabardine. Looks great, easy wash.

- Concealed zipper.

Pillowcase only.

Delivery is typically 2-4 weeks.